Your community at your fingertips

Seren replicates the spontaneity of running into a co-worker or classmate – unplanned, free flowing, and no calendar invites! 

Missing serendipity?

Have informal, watercooler chats with classmates & coworkers, ANYTIME you want to!

Don’t wait for ‘happy hour’ -or a meeting invite

Tailored for you

Chat for 5 – 30 minutes

1 on 1 conversations – big groups

Sports, politics or just work? – we’ll find you someone to chat with

No calendar invites 

Tired of scheduling meetings?

 Tell us when you’re available and we’ll match you in a spontaneous chat.

Just a few clicks do the trick

Integrated with Slack and Zoom, Seren connects you across channels in Slack and lets you join calls with Zoom

Power up the team

Getting a team connected can be a serious investment of time and energy. Seren lets you reach out and talk to your team anytime.

Virtual, not distant

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