Feeling disconnected while remote?

Seren replicates the spontaneity of running into a co-worker or classmate – unplanned, free flowing, and no calendar invites! 

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Missing Serendipity?

Have watercooler chats
ANYTIME you want! 🗓

Don’t wait for ‘happy hour’ 🥂


Familiar Faces or Random Chats

Talk to someone you know or
make a new friend! 👋


Tailored For You

Chat for 5 – 30 minutes 🕑

1 on 1 conversations – big groups 👫

Pick any conversation topic and
we’ll match you up! 🏀

Works with the tools you love

Works with Slack and Zoom, Seren connects you across
channels in Slack and lets you join calls with Zoom

Join watercooler calls within seconds - anytime!

Getting a team connected can be a serious investment of time and energy. Seren lets you reach out and talk to your team anytime.

Made by Seren. All rights reserved. 

Virtual, not distant

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